Mother in law addition – Vlog #1

Multi-generational living How do you design a remodel for mom and/or dad to live with you comfortably?  We've done several remodels with this objective and I have some first hand experience as well.  My mother in law has lived with us (successfully) for the past...

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Camas Inset Style Kitchen

Inset doors and drawers require precision.  Add to that scribing to the out of level floor, a fully integrated toe kick detail and a host of custom touches that only our Cliff Ham and Stephanie Tottingham would think of and you end up with a pretty special project. ...

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2017 – What a Year!

This photo would've had 5 fewer faces a year ago. We've been blessed to find some talented folks in this competitive labor market. (BTW- We're looking for more good people!) In addition to the new crew members, we've set up a new office and woodworking shop to better...

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Walnut Rail Cap Done Right

Clean and simple ain't simple Clean line, contemporary finish work is hard to do well.  Stripping away ornamentation takes serious skill.  Here's an example from our Cliff Ham (follow him on instagram to see what he's working on today @hambuilt).  This contemporary...

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Fixing a Failed Waterproof Deck Part 1

It ain't glamorous work, but someone's gotta do it.  We've been called in to fix many a bad waterproofing job over the past several years (like this one).  The latest is particularly sad as it's a 5 year old custom home.  No one wants to build a home and then get...

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Shop Tour 9/23/17

Since opening our shop at the beginning of this year, we've come a long, long way.  Cliff has really dialed things in and developed a great work flow.  We're now able to have two kitchen builds going on at a time and have enough space to mock up the cabinets for our...

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