Everyone should love their home

We believe the place you live should inspire and invigorate you.  It should reflect who you are and what you value.  You should look forward to coming home and love being there more than anywhere else.  It ought to have great quality workmanship and materials to stand the test of time.

We bring the talents of our in-house interior designer/architect, skilled carpenters, and expert project managers to each project.  Working together, under one roof, helps us to better understand our clients needs and deliver on them.

Meet the Kashas Crew


We were recommended to Kashas through a friend that worked with them in the past. We needed to have our house re-sided along with some interior remodeling.

We met with Brian at the house and went over what we were looking for. Brian worked up a very detailed and professional estimate. The process was smooth and painless.

The project started on time and stayed on schedule even with unexpected repairs that needed to be done. Cliff & Rob are true craftsman and did a great job paying attention to the smallest details. We are asking them back to remodel our mudroom next

I would highly recommend Kashas!

C. Green

Exterior Repair and Remodel

Thinking About Remodeling?


Fixing a Failed Waterproof Deck Part 1

It ain't glamorous work, but someone's gotta do it.  We've been called in to fix many a bad waterproofing job over the past several years (like this one).  The latest is particularly sad as it's a 5 year old custom home.  No one wants to build a home and then get...

Permit Lead Times and Costs by Jurisdiction

When do you need a permit? Virtually all projects require some kind of permit.  Some basic things can be handled with an Over-The-Counter permit (plumbing, mechanical, roofing, siding), while anything with structural changes will require a plan review.  Typically...


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