Framing a patio cover with wide eaves

When building a roof with wide eaves you want to make sure that the eaves don’t sag.  While planning this Vancouver WA patio cover remodel, we worked with our structural engineer to come up with a solution that works aesthetically and functionally.

Gable eave framing


The outriggers rest on a 5 1/2″ x 6 glu lam rafter beam.  The depth of the glu lam plus the 4×6 (set wide side down) is equal to the thickness of the 2×10 rafters that make up the remainder of the roof framing.  We’ll eventually clad the 4×6’s with 1×6 tongue and groove to match the existing eaves.

4x6 lookouts

In this view you can see the 4×6 outriggers set at 24″ on center

Wide eave framingWith smart planning at the design stage we’re able to make sure that the patio cover looks great for many years to come.  That’s the beauty of the design/build approach.  Check back as the patio cover gets finished.




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