Friday Video Blog #003

Feb 2, 2019

Friday Video Blog #003

It’s that time again.

Meet Alice

This week we introduce office dog Alice.  You may notice that we’re pretty dog friendly at Kashas Design Build 🙂

Super Bowl Predictions

We take an informal poll of employees and subcontractors to get their take on the big game.  You may notice that the younger crew members are less interested than the older ones.  Our prediction?  We’ll probably eat and drink too much, but hopefully it’ll be a good game!

Lacamas Shores Remodel

The big remodel we’ve been working on since July is coming to a close as we finish up the exterior.  Check out the cedar T&G ceiling at the covered deck and the perfectly spaced composite deck boards.  Precision work as always by Rob.

Evergreen Hwy Remodel

We check in with Porter and Cody at the Evergreen Hwy Remodel.  With lead man Jason off for a few days, let’s see how the apprentices are doing on their own with the sub-floor tie in from our dead level new floor system to the, shall we say, slightly uneven existing floor framing.

Washougal Remodel

1st coat of paint on the walls and hardwood flooring underway.  It’s always fun to transition from the rough construction phase to the finishes.  The wood floor guys got in a day early to get a good jump on the nearly 4000sf of 3″ wide red oak.

Kashas Shop

Finally, we check in with the shop where Bruce is building file drawers and Cliff is finishing the black painted crown moulding for the curly maple bookcase build.  Bean, as always, is supervising.


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