Friday Video Blog #004

Friday Video Blog #004

It’s that time again.

Start the day off right

Early morning workout, something I try to do 4-5x per week.

Job site visit with subs

Part of our bidding process is to bring subs out for a site visit to get the lay of the land. I like to get several of them together in one visit- especially those whose work depends on another. It gives them and us a chance to deal with issues ahead of time so we have a solid game plan and pricing. Today I met the excavator and foundation subs on a large remodel. I also had the siding supplier come by to see what we’re matching up to.

Mystery Client

I got a text from my office that a woman called wondering why I didn’t show up for my 10am appointment. This, of course, made me question my sanity…I couldn’t recall talking to her or setting an appointment. I needed to mull this over while consuming some MOD Pizza (yum!).

I called her after lunch and we both agreed we had never spoken before. But, we hit it off over the phone and decided to meet up next week to talk about her addition project.

Evergreen Hwy Remodel

I caught up with Jason, Porter and Cody and found out what’s for lunch (sawdust and coffee, mmm mmm). The sub-floor work is almost done and stairs are being built. The guys have started to use engineered lumber for stair stringers. Brilliant! Strong, stable, and uniform. Beats the heck out of uneven and squeaky stairs.

Lacamas Shores Remodel

I just missed Rob, who left to get some supplies. He has the deck posts set and is working on the under deck slat wall to hide the space under the joists. The railing is an aluminum post with stainless steel cable kit that we’ve used a lot over the past 3 years.

Washougal Remodel

Meet Josh, one of our apprentices. He’s been with us for just about 2 years. He’s a hard working young man who is quickly growing into his own as a carpenter. It’s awesome to see him develop and work independently.

The wood floor guys have finished nailing down the red oak and are in the process of staining and sealing it.

Curly Maple & Alder Built ins

I pay a visit to our job in Washougal where Jerell and Bruce have been installing the curly maple and knotty alder built-ins we made in our shop. Our tile guys also just finished the slate tile floor in the office. Cliff will be building the last batch of built ins for Mr. Gibson’s office – to be installed first week of March.

Kashas Shop

Finally, it’s back to the shop where we find Bean snuggled in his blanket. Cliff shows me a new toy from Castle, Inc. We take a look at Bruce’s maple file drawers with a nifty little pencil shelf and I divulge the origin of my last name.


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