Wagner Kitchen Cabinet Preview

Why do we mock up our kitchens in the shop?

Something we do that’s kind of unique (as far as we know) is to do a real life mock up of our client’s kitchen and invite them in for a sneak preview at the mid way point in their project. Some folks are challenged when it comes to visualizing a finished kitchen from a set of plans. This really helps head off misunderstandings and lost opportunities to make their kitchen even better.

We set up the cabinets as realistically as possible- so they get a real sense of the space- like how far is the island from the sink cabinet.  How deep will the drawers be.  How big is the pantry cabinet and so on.

On this job we want to steer the client toward a bank of drawers in the corner rather than a corner half susan unit.  These units don’t hold much so we think they offer less than a bank of drawers will.  I just see stuff falling off of them unless you’re super careful.  It’s easier to show them options in person with their actual cabinets and it’s cheaper than outfitting a showroom!

We also want to confirm the corbel detail at the upper cabinet, number of pantry pull outs and the height above the floor of the microwave shelf.

Here’s a quick video of the mock up.  Can’t wait to see the reaction when our client’s see their new kitchen for the first time!