Kitchen Design Mistake #4 – The Raised Eating Bar

Someone, somewhere, sometime decided that raising the countertop to create an eating bar on an island or peninsula was a good idea. Like a lot of bad design, an idea catches on and spreads like a virus. This is one of them. 

I think the intent is to hide the contents of the kitchen sink, like in this kitchen. 

Why Raised Bars Usually Don’t Work

What it really does is reduce the usable countertop space around the sink. (Side note: this design also violates Rule #21 – don’t use angled cabinets if you don’t have to!).

It also makes the eating bar less functional. It’s too narrow to hold anything bigger than a plate or small platter.  

With the raised eating bar and the silly, unnecessary angle, the peninsula has precious little functional workspace which caused our client endless frustration.

The Solution – One Level Countertop

As part of a complete kitchen remodel, our designer, Stephanie, helped our client greatly improve the functionality of the peninsula by making it one level and squaring it off.

With the new layout, there’s tons of usable counter space for prepping, cleaning up, eating, and serving buffet style. It’s much more versatile than before.

Our clients report that the new layout has made entertaining (something they do often) and day to day use so much more enjoyable!

You don’t have to live with a bad kitchen layout

It’s such a shame when bad design limits your ability to fully enjoy your home. Whether you’re thinking about building a new home and want to avoid making design mistakes, or you currently have a kitchen that’s frustrating you, there’s hope. Our designers love helping clients make their home work for them!

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